Customized Opencart Extensions For You

OpenCart is one of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms which has more than 9000 extensions available. It is a robust and light weighted e-commerce shopping cart solution for merchants, it helps to create a quick and easy online store to sell your products... read more

Why Web Marketing after Web Development?

We have to realize Web development and Web marketing are interrelated. In this article we will learn what they are and in what way they complement each other in promoting your business. Web Development consists of several main components: 1. The Visual Representation... read more

Mobile App Development: Hybrid vs Native Mobile App

Confused whether to build a hybrid mobile app or a native mobile app? Don’t worry, we will help you decide your mobile app strategy in less than 5 minutes! Hybrid App: Hybrid App is a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is then wrapped inside a... read more

5 Reasons why every business needs to embrace social media

1. It’s free: Social media marketing is a medium to long term strategy on the whole and you need to be committed to it. Twitter for instance is entirely free and possibly the fastest way to build a list of prospects, but it doesn’t stop there – you need to keep them... read more

Top 10 Tips for an SEO Friendly Website

Make Sure Google Can Visit Your Website Development: A common mistake for new websites is to forget to change the robots.txt file to allow search engines to crawl your pages. Without changing this, you are stopping any traffic to your website.   Minimize Internal... read more

Five e-commerce marketing trends

This year is going to witness an acceleration in the shift towards inbound techniques rather than outbound. The e-commerce industry and online shopping trends in India are set to witness greater heights in the coming years, not just owing to the increasing internet... read more