Platform Flexibilty

  • Fast, Reliable, Lightweight 88%
  • Security 85%
  • Error Handling 85%
  • Easy Migration 90%
  • Easy Customization 93%



CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Live Project
Model View Controller

» Division into Model, View & Controller.

» Easy Application Building.

» Control Model and View using Controller.

» Build Core Libraries.

» Integrate Customized Scripts.

» Store HTML files as Views.

Error Handling

» Simple & User Friendly Interface.

» Detect Error Functions Globally.

» Debug Messages to save as Text Files .

» Displays all PHP errors in your Web Application without missing Inadequacy.

Form Validation

» Write Code in a single line.

» Effective Validation Framework System.

» Code Generation without any Errors.

» Various Control Structures to be placed within the HTML form.


» Manage Database Schema Updates.

» Easy Migration between Servers.

» Concurrency Achieved.

Configuration and Customization

» Write Code in a single line.

» Helps the Developers to Create what they need to develop based on the Web Applications.

» Edit Existing Files easily.

» Easy Configuration for Beginners.

Web Applications

» Write Code in a single line.

» Error Free Web Applications.

» Create Dynamic & Flexible Web Applications.

» Secure & Large Web Applications.

» Web Applications with Additional features and High-End functionalities.